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Each candidate was sent the following message. Their responses are below.  

As a cofounder of Parents for Informed Choice SWFL,  we have a number of supporters who are still on the fence on who to vote for. Their biggest concern are the issues surrounding medical freedom.  In order to provide supporters with accurate information we were wondering if you could provide your stance on the following questions below.


Do you feel that it’s the school’s responsibility to offer certain health care services, for example Vision and Hearing screening, Flu shots, Mental health screening? Why or why not?


Do you agree with the progressive models that California has adopted into the public schools such as gender identity, sexual orientation etc. taught at a K-12 level? Why or why not?


Do you feel children should return to school as normal in August?


Thank you for your participation!


Parents of Informed Choice SWFL is neither supporting or endorsing these candidates. Each candidate that was listed as active at the time of correspondence was contacted with the same message.

Not all candidates have responded.

We will continue to follow up and post the responses as they are received. 

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Melisa_Giovannelli lee county school dis

Melisa Giovannelli-District 2

I don’t believe it is a school’s responsibility but I do believe that if the funds are in our budget from the State or Federal funding to be used for that particular screening the funds needs to be used for that. I am not aware that we give flu shots, but this might be something in the very near future due to COVID19 and we must use those funds for what they are designated for.  Presently we do vision and hearing screening which is funded by the State. The state is also funded mental health screening and we must use those funds for that purpose as well. This funding came from the State after Parkland tragedy. This is very important to identify those outliers before they become a threat.  


While I believe you do not discriminate against gender or sexual orientation, I do not believe you teach it at all, especially to kindergarteners, but maybe with parent’s permission you teach acceptance at the high school level. It might be a class that one might take as an elective so that they would have to elect and take the class with parental permission. I believe that a parent must have control of what their child is learning in school. Schools should not infringe upon the rights of the parents.  

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Chris Patricca lee county schools dist 3

Chris Patricca-District 3

Currently no response

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Cathleen Morgan lee school dist 7.jpg

Cathleen Morgan-District 7

Currently no response

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