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Each candidate was sent the following message. Their responses are below.  

As a cofounder of Parents for Informed Choice SWFL,  we have a number of supporters who are still on the fence on who to vote for. Their biggest concern are the issues surrounding medical freedom.  In order to provide supporters with accurate information we were wondering if you could provide your stance on the following questions below.


Do you support mandating a mask in public places?  If So Why?


Do you support local government being able to shut down a business like we witnessed with the COVID pandemic? 


Thank you for your participation!


Parents of Informed Choice SWFL is neither supporting or endorsing these candidates. Each candidate that was listed as active at the time of correspondence was contacted with the same message.

Not all candidates have responded.

We will continue to follow up and post the responses as they are received. 

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Kevin B Anderson

Thank you for your email.  If you watched the meeting you saw a very spirited debate.  I believe people should wear masks whenever they cannot maintain 6 feet distance but I do not believe mandating the wearing of the mask is the answer.

Councilman Kevin Anderson suggesting a partnership with local businesses to encourage mask requirements.

“I am a COVID survivor, so I know the importance of how serious this is, but I don’t think we are at the level to mandate it on people. We need to get collaboration and I think businesses are key to doing this, ” said Anderson.

Learn more about Kevin Anderson here:

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