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Current Legislation

Bills we are watching

Below is a list of Bills in the State you should be paying attention to. With these bills there is both a Senate and House companion bill.  These bills are constantly changing so stay tuned for updates.  

For more information on what a bill is, the process of a bill or the actions to take to support or oppose a bill please visit the reference section.

Connect to FL Senate page here to look up bills by keyword,

number, person who filed or topic.


Review SB 594 here 

Discrimination on the Basis of COVID-19 Vaccination or Postinfection Recovery Status; Prohibiting governmental entities from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination or postinfection recovery status as a condition of licensure or certification in this state; prohibiting employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccination or proof of COVID-19 vaccination or postinfection recovery as a condition of employment, promotion, or continued employment or from discriminating against employees on the basis of such status unless certain conditions are met; providing a right of action for aggrieved persons, etc.


Review HB 6009 Here: Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies. 

Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies; Removes authority of State Health Officer to order vaccination of individuals upon declaration of public health emergency; revises requirement that DOH adopt certain rules.

SB 284/ hb 47

Review SB 284 Here

& HB 47 Here

Fraudulent Proof of Vaccination; Prohibiting specified actions involving fraudulent proof of vaccination; providing criminal penalties, etc.


Review HB 75 here.

Limiting COVID-19 Restrictions; Prohibits state or any political subdivision from enacting mask mandate; provides any such mandate is void; prohibits state & local governments from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations, issuing vaccine passports or other standardized documentation to third parties, or otherwise publishing or sharing COVID-19 vaccination records; prohibits businesses from requiring customers to provide documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19 post-transmission recovery or discriminating against customers on basis of their COVID-19 vaccination status or COVID-19 post-transmission recovery status; declares certain actions based on vaccination status or having immunity passport are unlawful discriminatory practices.

Passed in Special Session

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