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About Us

For the people, by the people

We are parents and citizens working to maintain informed consent and medical freedom.  Through continued community involvement, we strive to make sure legislation continues to meet the needs of all people through informed consent. 

Our intention is not against one particular procedure or another, but simply the parental liberties awarded to us and our right to choose.  Together as a family unit and with the consultations of our medical professionals we make the decisions for ourselves.  With the support of our community and legislation we maintain our abilities to choose.  By forging relationships with our legislators and peers we are able to continue to be heard.  It is the constant devotion of the people involved in the movement in general  that continues its success. 

We thank all those that not only support us but also those that reach out to be informed in an idea or practice that is contrary to their original beliefs. 


Meet The Team

Headshot Chrystal.jpg


A Mother of two and a strong advocate for personal choice as well w

hen it comes to making educational and health choices for my family.  Although I feel very lucky to live in a place where we can make these choices without authoritative intervention, certain interest groups have a heavy influence on those in office and things could quickly change.  That is why I feel it's important to build relationships and stay involved where it matters. 

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Early on in Motherhood I would have never considered myself as an activist.  However as years pasted being a Mother of four I started becoming very aware of how subtlety our rights and liberties were being removed.  The more I researched I couldn't walk away.  So here I am now one of the many parents fighting to preserve parental rights and medical freedoms for us and our children.  

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