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Each candidate was sent the following message. Their responses are below.  For some of the candidates that we had met with previously, a summary has been written on some of the topics of concern. 

As a cofounder of Parents for Informed Choice SWFL,  we have a number of supporters who are still on the fence on who to vote for. Their biggest concern are the issues surrounding medical freedom.  In order to provide supporters with accurate information we were wondering if you could provide your stance on the following questions below.

  1. Given the impacts of COVID 19 and what took place as precautionary measures, what do you feel the government's role should be in regards to individual healthcare, and why do you hold that opinion? In other words, does the government have the right to mandate individual healthcare?

  2. Do you support legislation that would mandate certain healthcare practices in order for children to attend public school and adult rights to employment- including psychological examination, a mandatory vaccination schedule, or any other medical procedure?

  3. How do you plan to address any privacy and constitutional violations in regards to contract tracing as it relates to Covid-19?


Thank you for your participation!

Parents of Informed Choice SWFL is neither supporting or endorsing these candidates. Each candidate that was listed as active at the time of correspondence was contacted with the same message.

Not all candidates have responded.

We will continue to follow up and post the responses as they are received. 

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Lauren Melo

Good evening, in response to your questions sent by FB messenger, my answers are as follows;


Impact of Covid 19, what took place, government's role; answer is we should have less government in our personal decisions. I am a cancer survivor and high risk, I believe it is our choice to make decisions about our health. That includes immunizations . Government should not pick the winners and losers, who is essential and who isn’t. I believe this has been an example of government overreach. Masks and immunizations should be a choice.


Mandating certain healthcare practices in order for children and adults; again my position is parents know what is best for their children. I do not believe the government should dictate which immunizations our children should have to attend school, it should be a choice.


Privacy and constitutional violations to contract tracing for COVID 19;  I believe it is a violation of privacy to track or release any information regarding this. I have lost a family member to this pandemic. The family member was in a nursing home, where our family was not able to visit, this facility should have been taking every precaution possible! Then she was transferred to the Hospital where the Hospital made decisions against the families direction. The decisions the hospital made was to get the money for each patient diagnosed and treated. I have been personally affected by Covid19, I will take every measure I can to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen.


I hope this addresses your questions.

Thank you

Lauren Melo

To learn more about Lauren Melo see her at :

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